What is Animal Chiropractic?

Animal Chiropractic, like human chiropractic deals with the nervous system housed inside the spinal column. The spinal cord carries nerves to every organ and tissue. When vertibrae are misaligned or restricted they affect the nerves and surrounding tissues. This often results in pain. The purpose of animal chiropractic adjustment is to correct this restriction and restore proper function to the nervous system. This decreases pain and increases flexibility.

With animal chiropractic adjustments the goal is to eliminate the cause of the problem, not just treat the symtoms. Chiropractic care has a high degree of success on human patients and has also been shown to be very effective on animals. Dogs, cats, goats and llamas are examples of animals that can benefit from animal chiropractic care by providing pain relief, easier movement and increased flexibility.

Veterinarian referral is required for chiropractic treatment. Download the Animal Chiropractor Referral Form and the New Patient Intake Form.

Mobile Animal Chiropractor

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Dr. Johnson gives Apollo a chiropractic adjustment
Dr. Johnson adjusts Apollo a 10-year old Basset Hound with arthritis.